Welcome to Word of Faith Schools (WOFS)- A citadel of Academic Excellence with Godliness. We are highly elated at the interest you have in our School. This website entails virtually everything about us: our vision, our passion, our beliefs and the various departments of the school. Our core purpose is DEVELOPING THE TOTAL CHILD. We are committed to the development of the total child in all relevant areas of life which include mental, physical, spiritual and social dimensions. We strongly emphasize the all-round development of the child because of our goal to raise healthy, well-adjusted and well-balanced children, complete in God's purpose for their lives. It is our hope that after surfing this site you will avail your child of this great opportunity of giving your child a well-balance education that offers holistic enlightenment.

Welcome to Word of Faith Schools, the flagship of Christian Education in Africa. I am delighted to inform you of the wise choice you have made to come to this institution.It is, indeed,an informed and intelligent choice. This is because the school has tremendous spiritual and academic heritage, together with abundant opportunities for the maximization of your potential.

Word of Faith Schools is a Christian school par excellence with the drive and determination to train up a child in the way he should go, so that when he is old he will not depart from it (Pro. 22:6). This is being vigorously pursued through well-defined measures aimed at building character, self discipline, nobility and high standards of conduct in the child.

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  • We believe in God, the source of all wisdom, goodness and truth, existing externally, Omniscient, and powerful.
  • We believe that God is manifested in three persons of the trinity- God the father, creator and sustainer of the universe, supreme judge and law giver. Jesus Christ the son, saviour, second Adam, Redeemer, Divine intercessor before the throne of god for the sins of man, Herald of the New Testament. The Holy Spirit, Comforter, Guide, Teacher, Convicter of sin, imparter of spiritual gifts, revealer of hidden wisdom.
  • We believe in the sin nature of man, fallen from Adam, condemned to eternal damnation and unable to save himself.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ came into this sinful world as God incarnate...

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News & Events

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Aims & Objectives

  • To render christian and educational services to Nigerians and non-Nigerians who are desirous of qualitative education, in a true christian environment.
  • To promote the formation of moral values and the development of christian virtues.
  • To cultivate in the...

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Our Vision & Mission

"Building the nation through christian education; providing quality academic that lays the foundation for future education, advancement and learning environment that develops the spirit as well as the mind."

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